Debt Management & Solutions for Nova Scotians

Struggling with debt? Not sure what options are available and which one would be best for you? Salyzyn & Associates understands that people find themselves in debt for a number of reasons – job loss, an unexpected medical leave, or simply the rising costs of raising a family. It can feel overwhelming trying to pay back your debt and you may feel that there’s no end in sight from high-interest rates and payday loans. But there is! Take control of your financial situation and find debt relief today!


If you are struggling to make even minimum payments to your creditors, bankruptcy may be the right solution for you.  Bankruptcy is a Canadian legal process that assigns a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to prepare and administer the paperwork and stop actions by your creditors. The calls stop. The interest stops. The payments stop. After a period of time, the law allows you to be released from your debts so you can rebuild your financial future. Find out more.

Consumer Proposals

If you can make your payments but feel like you are never getting ahead due to revolving interest, a consumer proposal may be right for you. A consumer proposal is a formal offer to settle your debt's interest free within 5 years. It is a Canadian legal process where a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is appointed to administer the paperwork and the money that you pay to your creditors. It’s a great way to keep assets and pay creditors back interest-free even if it’s only a portion of what is owed. Find out more.

Credit Counselling

Having trouble balancing your budget each month? Struggling to make ends meet? Credit counseling may be right for you. Our BIA certified insolvency counselors hear your concerns and design a program that specifically addresses your individual financial challenges. Find out more.


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