Debt & Credit Counselling in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Financial Counselling in Canada

When Industry Canada (the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy) noted a rise in repeat consumer debtor bankruptcies, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) was amended in November 1992 to address the issue. The amendment introduced mandatory counselling for consumer debtors. Whether taking part in a consumer proposal or consumer bankruptcy, debtors are required to attend a minimum of two financial counselling sessions with a BIA qualified counsellor.

What to Discuss with a BIA Qualified Counsellor

When meeting a BIA qualified counsellor, you should discuss your money management issues, spending and shopping habits, any warning signs of financial problems, and how to use credit wisely. The BIA counsellor will take the time to identify the non-budgetary causes of financial problems like your spending behaviour and consumption habits. Our experienced credit counselling in the Halifax Regional Municipality will also help you discover resources that can help maintain your economic stability not just now but also in the future.

Custom-Designed Counselling Program

For credit and debt counselling in Halifax, turn to Salyzyn & Associates Limited. Our BIA certified insolvency counsellors will design a counselling program that specifically addresses your individual financial challenges. Our firm has offices in Dartmouth, Bedford, Kentville, and Enfield (non-resident), serving Greater Halifax, the Annapolis Valley, and Nova Scotia. Call today to book your free initial consultation.

Debt Management & Counselling Resources

If you have scheduled a FREE appointment with Salyzyn & Associates Limited, you can find forms to download and fill out for your initial consultation such as the Preliminary Interview Form. We encourage you to call us with any questions regarding credit counselling in Halifax and the surrounding areas.

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