Tricks to Save on Halloween

The changing of leaves and the crispness in the air is signalling that Halloween will soon be upon us.  Halloween is all about fun.  It’s the one day we can be something or somebody we aren’t in our everyday lives. We can be an alien, a superhero or even a jokester. But with costumes, candy, and decorations, the price for your celebration can quickly creep up. The cost of Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening. Like putting together a great costume, a little imagination and creativity may be all you need for scary savings.


Candy is Dandy

Consider buying candy at the bulk food store. Comparison shop. Drug stores and large retail giants sometimes do have the best prices but not always. Wait to buy candy the day of as retailers want it off their shelves to make way for Christmas items. Pound for pound big bags of candy are less expensive than smaller ones. Ask family/friends if they would agree to split the costs of big bags if your trick-or-treater count tends to be low. Now is a great time to use coupons or cash in drug store points to pay for treats.


Be Crafty

Renting an elaborate costume for a Halloween party or buying it new can really add up. Instead, be creative. Pinterest is plagued with simple and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas. Use everyday items from home to create an imaginative costume. Recreate a new costume from one you already have. A bride last year? Maybe a zombie bride this year!  Thrift stores are a great resource for costumes. Go online for free stencils to decorate pumpkins to adorn your porch and use the insides for a sweet supper dish.


Arrange a family or neighbourhood costume swap. If you are like most parents, you have a tickle trunk full of costumes from many Halloween past. Most kids want to be something different every year. Swapping costumes with neighbours not only rids your house of clutter but makes another child happy. Consider donating old costumes to thrift stores. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


Halloween can be safe and fun without the scary bills afterwards.