March Madness

The Provincial government has announced its much anticipated reopening plan. Soon gathering limits will increase, tournaments and competitions will be permitted and bars/restaurants will be open regular hours. This is great news for businesses which have struggled the last two years. There is no doubt Nova Scotia will feel normal again. 

There is also no doubt that consumer spending will be on the rise. Tournaments and competitions costs money to enter and in many cases, to watch. With gathering limits increasing, more of us will be out to dinner or seated in bars for nightly entertainment. All of this costs money. 

Pocket books are already feeling the pinch due to inflation and with restrictions easing, it’s more important than ever to budget your hard earned money. Simply put: enjoy but plan. Be aware of upcoming bills like increased mortgage payments, property taxes, groceries, insurance and entertainment costs. Set a monthly “reopening” amount to spend on these new March expenses. Most importantly don’t rely on credit cards to fund your fun. Spend in haste, repent at leisure. Live within your means to avoid a debt hangover in the future.