Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Love is in the air. At least that’s what retailers are hoping!

They would rather see you spend money on physical presents than “experiences”. The average Canadian spends $60 on a Valentines Day gift and that doesn’t take into account a dinner or a movie. Florists are happy to jack up prices on Valentines Day to meet the demand. I spoke with one today who admitted the normal price of a dozen red roses is $56 but expect to pay $75 on the big day.

But showing you care doesn’t have to break the bank? Here are a few Valentines Day tips:

1. Skip the restaurant and make a special meal at home

Dinner, wine, dessert, tip. It can all add up. Save money by making dinner at home and be romantic without the crowds (and the bill!)

2. Made with Love

Put your skills to good use. Bake some heart-shaped cookies or make breakfast in bed. Not very affectionate? Give a handwritten love note as a surprise. Offer to give your partner a massage at the end of the busy day or grab your guitar and strum a little song to make them smile.

3. Create an Experience

Go for a skate on the Oval or a long walk outside. Make a date to meet at the Art Gallery or plan to meet at lunch instead of dinner. Break free from your normal routine. Psychologists believe experiences lead to more sustained happiness than gifts. Give that person a moment they won’t forget!

4. A Rose by Any Other Name

Roses are not the only option for Valentine’s Day. Buy less expensive flower varieties such as spring tulips or carnations. Avoid the extra cost of delivery and deliver them yourself with a card that has your own special comment.

5. Candy is Dandy

Godiva out of your price range? Hit the bulk barn or Freak Lunch Box and create your own special bag of goodies.


And for those that are single? Sure Valentines Day may be annoying but think of all the money you are saving!

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