Halloween 2020 : Safe Scary Fun

Halloween might just be around the corner but the really scary beast has been with us since March when the pandemic began. The most frightening thing is that the Covid-19 goblin could pop out at any second and wreak havoc. That being said, we can still have a safe Halloween by following health guidelines and being creative.    


Necessity the Mother of Invention

If you have decided to hand out treats, consider wrapping up individual treat bags and leaving them outside for the kids to grab themselves. Maybe make a candy “slide” to jettison the treats into each kid’s loot bag or bring out that lacrosse stick to “hand” out treats while allowing physical distancing and avoiding contact. Treats could also be taped to popsicle sticks and stuck in the lawn for kids to run up and grab. With a little imagination, handing out treats could be just as fun as receiving them.          


Be Crafty

While renting a costume or buying one second hand is a great way to save money, it probably is not as popular an option this year due to health concerns. Instead, be creative. The internet is plagued with simple and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas. Use everyday items around the home to create an imaginative costume. Recycle, reuse. Recreate a new costume from one purchased in the past. A bride last year, a zombie bride this year.  


Look for Deals

Halloween treats go on sale early to make room for Christmas items. Check flyers or online for deals. Consider buying in bulk and splitting the items and costs with another family member or friend. The dollar stores have cheap Halloween costumes, decorations and party items.   


Not everyone is in the Spirit 

Some people will decide not to participate in Halloween because they are feeling unwell or uneasy about being exposed. You may recall when H1N1 was prevalent, it too was around Halloween time and many homes put up signs and closed their doors. This is no different. Please respect this decision. If you do not wish to join in the fun, no problem but make it well understood by turning off the lights or putting a sign up saying the home is not participating this year.  


When the house is rockin’ 

House parties can still happen but with a few modifications. The Nova Scotia health guideline limit is 10 people without physical distancing which means you have to be more selective on who gets invited. If you are feeling unwell, do not attend.  Halloween masks don’t protect the way non-medical masks do so consider using one when in close quarters. Food should be in pre-served single servings or designate one person to serve the food. Avoid having to wash dishes by using paper plates/cups. Mark plates/cups with the person’s name so they don’t get shared by accident and absolutely no double-dipping! 


Instead of focusing on the restrictions, maybe it's about time we focused on safe inexpensive fun.