5 Ways to Save on Summer Travel


With the price of gasoline and inflation, many people have decided to cancel or postpone their summer travel plans. But with a bit of planning, a great vacation can still happen and allow you to stay within budget.

The key to not breaking the bank is budgeting. Come up with an overall spending limit, make your plans around this limit and stick to it!


Choose A Location Closer To Home

While you may long to see the Grand Canyon, hiking Gros Morne National Park may be more fiscally responsible. There are many exciting attractions in your own Province or a Province close by. If you can drive rather than fly, you will save money especially if there are several family members on the trip. One car ride is a lot cheaper than 4 plane tickets even with the higher price of gas.


Avoid Weekends & Holidays

Many people prefer to travel on the weekends or holidays to use less vacation days but if you go this route, you will likely pay higher costs and deal with more crowds. Travel during the weekdays when others are working and rates are lower.  Choosing a less popular destination can also save money and be just as much fun.     


Avoid Hotel Stays

An Airbnb or Vrbo can be less expensive than a traditional hotel. Having lodging with a kitchen where you can prepare you own meals will also save you money eating out. You are also more likely to find accommodations that suits all your needs like pet-friendly so you don’t have to spend extra money finding a pet sitter for Fido.


Research Free or Low Cost Activities/Events

Park, beaches and hiking trails are all free and allow you to explore the area. Summer festivals are plenty no matter how small the city/town and offer free music, entertainment and even fireworks, if you are lucky. Food trucks are prevalent at this time of year and cheaper than a $15 appetizer at a restaurant. Research activity options before you arrive so you know what economical options exist. 


Be Strategic When Eating Out

While it may be exciting to try local eateries, this can drive up your vacation budget. Being strategic about when to eat out can save you money. Dining out for breakfast and lunch should be cheaper than dinner when restaurants hike their menu prices. If you have a limited budget, pack some snacks or make meals at your vacation rental.     

If you are strategic, you can make your trip affordable and memorable.