Top Signs You Are Living Beyond Your Means
As we all know, life is expensive. But often we contribute to the situation by spending what we don’t have or spending when we know can’t afford it. Recognizing the signs of living beyond what you can afford is the first step in fixing the problem.
5 Easy Financial Resolutions for 2023
Check out our January Blog Post to find out 5 EASY Financial Resolutions for 2023.
7 Ways to Keep Your White Christmas Out of the Red
Here are a few tips to avoid putting everything on credit and taking years to pay it off (if at all) with expensive revolving interest rates.
5 Ways to Repair Credit After Bankruptcy
Everyone who files for bankruptcy is concerned that their credit report will nose dive and never be repaired. While time will help, credit is important for the expensive things we need in life like a car or a home. To qualify for financing, you do need good credit. While bankruptcy does impact the credit score, there are a few simple ways that can dramatically improve your credit after bankruptcy.
5 Ways to Save on Summer Travel
With the price of gasoline and inflation, many people have decided to cancel or postpone their summer travel plans ...
Saying Yes To Being An Executor Of An Estate
While you may consider it an honour to be asked to be the executor for your parents, sibling or friend ...
Why Rising Interest Rates Should Concern You
Instead of panicking when rates change, focus on building long-term savings and paying off high interest debt as soon as possible.
5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Most people who get a tax refund consider it an unexpected windfall and can’t wait to spend it the second it hits their bank account ...
The Less Obvious Signs of Money Problems
Recognizing you or someone you love may have a problem is the first step in finding a situation
March Madness
The Provincial government has announced its much anticipated reopening plan. There is no doubt Nova Scotia will feel normal again.
Is A Consumer Proposal Right For Me
In a sea of debt options, many are drawn to the notion of credit counselling especially if they need help managing finances.
Try “Dry Buy” January
New Year, New Finances
All I Want is a Debt-Free Holiday
Even Frosty knows that it’s easy to lose control and overspend during the holidays
One Small Mindset Can Change Your Life
November is financial literacy month in Canada and it’s time we started having more conversations about money principals.
Now is the Time to Holiday Shop
All though it's October, you should be thinking about holiday shopping!
Hidden Costs of Debt Stress
There has been a lot of talk recently about how the pandemic has affected the mental health of most Canadians.
5 Simple Tips to Pay off Credit Card Debt
It is possible to pay off those high interest credit card debts with sacrifice, dedication, and few smart simple tricks.  
Post Lockdown and The Spending is Easy
Since March of 2020, we have all been in some stage of lock-down ...
How to Order Your Credit Report
The majority of Canadians do not regularly check their credit reports and there are three main reasons why.
Owe 2020 Taxes? Time to Plan for 2021
It’s important to create a plan to pay the amount you owe as soon as possible
What to do with your pandemic savings
COVID-19 has impacted us all financially in one way or another.
6 Important Tax Tips to Save the Day
Here are a few simple steps you can make tax time less stressful.
If you got the CERB, No Tax Refund is Guaranteed
fter a challenging year, the last thing you need is a surprise at tax time.
Financial Resolutions for 2021
A new year begins and with it, the chance to make significant changes in our lives.
10 Tips To Keep The Holidays Bright (And On Budget)
You might not feel in the holiday spirit yet but before you know it will be here.
Halloween 2020 : Safe Scary Fun
Halloween might just be around the corner but the really scary beast has been with us since March when the pandemic began.
Christmas in July
Holiday shopping may be the farthest thing on your mind but we are less than 5 months away!
Tricks to Save on Halloween
The crispness in the air is signalling that Halloween will soon be upon us ...
Back to School Savings Covid Style
The 2020 school year will be one for the history books.
Life On The CERB
Approximately 8 million Canadians have taken advantage of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit otherwise known as CERB
A Staycation Can Be A Great Vacation
It may be awhile before we feel comfortable enough to jump on a plane and vacation away.
CERB - Make It Last The Month
To say our world has been turned upside down as a result of the pandemic is an understatement.
Coronavirus May Affect Not Only Your Health
But have you considered the financial impact that might happen if you were off from work ...
Taxing Times
Here are a few simple steps you can make tax time less stressful.
5 Tips to Pay off Credit Card Debt
Got the January credit card blues? Did you overspend on the holidays and it’s finally catching up to you?
Time to Make Your Financial Resolutions for 2020
Too often people make financial resolutions that fall short in the long term. Without a plan ...
5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Spending Sparkle
The following tips will help you balance the Christmas spending race ...
Financial Literacy Month
November is financial literacy month in Canada and there is no better time to talk about money concepts.
5 Tips to pay off credit card debt faster
It is possible to pay off credit cards over time but it requires ...
Transit vs. Owning a car
Why do so many citizens in Metro take public transit?
Coffee With Financial Advice
On a coffee date with a dear friend, we caught up on all the news of the day including his trip to Costco. How’d that go?
5 Money Tips Every Student Should Know
Tips to start the new year off right and help you keep your head above water.
Why a Budget Is Necessary
Salyzyn & Associates Limited, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, provides the following six reasons why you need a budget.
6 Ways to Achieve Your Financial Goals in 2019
A new year begins and with it, the chance to make significant changes in our lives.
Phishing scams: don’t get fooled
It's easier than you think for criminals and scammers to steal your information.
Kids and Money
Who has not heard “Just use your card Mommy” after you have told your child you couldn’t buy a toy they wanted?
Back To School Basics
Here are a few tips to help you balance your books while keeping the kiddies happy.  
Buy Now, Pay Later
Has society convinced us that we need not wait for what we want?
5 Tips to Pay off Credit Card Debt
If you are like most, no matter what your income level, you dread receiving your credit card bill.
Save yourself from a bundle of headaches
Did you ever do something in the spur of the moment only to regret it quickly afterwards?
The second time around
No one wants to go bankrupt once, let alone for a second time. But, it happens.
Spring is finally here! Like cleaning your home, you can de-clutter the present and plan for your future.
Understanding Credit Reports
Trying to establish credit for the first time or trying to re-establish credit after experiencing financial difficulties?
Money Tips Every Student Should Know
Following these tips can save you big money in the long run.
The July 1st weekend marks the start of summer for most Canadians.
Small Stuff Adds Up
Hate to pack a lunch? Even a cheap lunch out of the office can run you close to $10.
March Break Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank
Here are some ideas to keep your family entertained without breaking the bank this March break.
Planning Shenanigans on St. Patty’s Day?
Before you get shamwrecked, these tips can help you save your pot of gold:
Taxable Talk: 5 TIPS
Are you dreaming up ways to spend your tax refund or already stressing about the amount you may owe to CRA?
Love Don’t Cost a Thing
The average Canadian spends $60 on a Valentines Day gift and that doesn’t take into account a dinner or a movie.
5 ways to get the most out of your tax refund
With tax season here, many people are anxious to file their tax returns and get refunds.
Tips to improve your credit report
In today’s world, we need credit to buy the things we desire.
The car loan that never ends
It’s a scenario that happens all too often. Your car is not working, or its aging, or your needs have changed.