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We understand how difficult it was for you to realize you can’t solve this debt problem on your own. Asking for help is never easy but that’s why we are here. Salyzyn & Associates Limited,  Halifax licensed insolvency professionals, has helped thousands of people in Halifax and across Nova Scotia for over 21 years solve their debt problems and create a firm financial footing for the future. In a sea of financial options, you need an educated, experienced and nurturing professional to explain it all. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to anymore.

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Common Debt Questions.

Yes! If you are up to date on your payments and the lender agrees, you are able to keep both. It does, however, get more complicated if there is equity (profit) in the home or if you are behind in payments. These circumstances need to be discussed with us at the free debt meeting.

Yes! Both consumer proposal and bankruptcy stop creditor calls, court actions including garnishments and judgments and stops interest. For a more detailed list, ask us at the free debt meeting

Yes. If you ask anyone to help you with your debt problems, it will be reported at the credit bureaus and it will take time to build back creditor trust again. Chances are your credit isn’t perfect now. More important than having a great credit history someday is fixing the issue today. In most cases, it does not take as long as you may think. Ask us about rebuilding your credit at the free debt meeting

Yes. If you owe personal debts or HST they can be wiped out in a bankruptcy or compromised in a proposal. CRA will ONLY negotiate with licensed insolvency trustees as both the Income Tax Act and the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act are federal laws.

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